Apples and Art Studio Tour Reaches 23 Years This September


Cornwall, ON – September 11, 2014The arrival of fall is one of the most colourful events of the year in our area. The season dresses in its most vibrant hues while local artists open their creative space to visitors. This year, 37 artists invite you to share their passion for art in 18 different locations throughout Cornwall and the Counties during the 23rd Apples and Art Studio Tour.

The goal of the tour is to give the residents and visitors to the region an opportunity to enjoy art in the spaces where it is actually created. It is a chance to meet the artists, to chat, to see their work in a natural setting and enjoy the wellness of visual beauty and friendly company.

Throughout the Apples and Art Studio Tour, you will discover all types of artists who work with a variety of mediums, including paint, ink, clay, fine stones, wood and glass to create original pieces of art.

The Apples and Art Studio Tour is also a great opportunity to experience perhaps the greatest artist of all, Mother Nature. With the changing of the colours seen throughout the region in the fall, the Tour gives visitors the opportunity to take a whimsical road trip across our lovely winding roads and taking in the stunning natural beauty that our region displays each autumn.

Take two days to visit our area and the artists’ studios. As you tour, if you are lucky, some of the sites might be offering delicious mouth watering apple treats. To visit each location is to visit all corners of this great region. Enjoy.

History of The Apples and Art Studio Tour

About 24 years ago Karen Cooper, then involved on The Seaway Arts Council with a keen interest in Graphic Arts, was having  a discussion with transplanted NYC photographer Linda Gumbs about the richness of Artistic Talent in the community and the question was asked, “Why doesn’t Cornwall and The Counties have an Art Tour”?.  Well the answer was simple.  No one had made the time to organize one.  So with the support of the Seaway Arts Council, Karen and Linda joined forces with Regional Artists Martin Crevier and Janet Keefe to organize the first Artist Sponsored Apple and Arts Studio Tour.

The premise was simple.  Artists would open up their studio space to the community and visitors, encouraging them to find out more about the arts through discussion about the work, their processes and through various hands on demonstrations that would take place during the tour.

The tour has always taken place during the last full week-end in September, harvest time for many apple varieties.  The timing of the tour also celebrates the various local apple growers and the celebration in particular of the McIntosh Apple which was conceived right here in Eastern Ontario.  The tour often includes studios and area businesses that feature special apple offerings in celebration of the tour.

The Tour has had several community organizations and artists who have organized the Tour each year.  “It is wonderful to see how the Tour has grown and been transformed over the years” said Cooper.  The current year’s organizers Heather J. Smith, Virginia Lake, Rose Desnoyers and Sandra Vander Veer welcome you to this year’s tour.

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