Cornwall and the Counties Tourism 2015 Travel Guide is Here

Cornwall, ON – January 12, 2015 – Cornwall and the Counties Tourism (CCT) has unveiled their latest in a long line of annual Travel Guides designed to showcase the entire region as an excellent travel destination.

2015-Guide-CoverThe CCT Travel Guide transitioned to a full-sized magazine format in 2013, and the response has been very positive. The magazine features great imagery, interesting editorial and, of course, all the information a potential visitor might be looking for. The guide features listings of restaurants, accommodations, attractions, calendar of events, and more to entice visitors to the area and prepare them for their trip.

“The CCT Travel Guide is something we get excited about each year,” says Linda Wilson, Executive Director of CCT. “We are always impressed with the amazing assets we have in our communities, and we are proud to produce an excellent companion for potential visitors to the Cornwall and the Counties region.”

CCT has increased their production of the magazine in both official languages due to the positive feedback and successful distribution of the guide in recent years. 50,000 English guides, and 7,500 French guides have been printed, an increase from the 45,000 English and 2,500 French that were printed in 2014. CCT plans a 20,000 English copy drop in the English West Island newspaper, The Chronicle, as well as a 5,000 French copy drop in the city of Gatineau.

As with years past, CCT will be bringing their guide to three trade shows this year to further promote the region in the outer markets. This year, the CCT team will attend the following trade shows:

“Trade shows are an excellent way for us to engage with our target market,” Wilson explains. “We have had great success with these tradeshows in the past, and we see great value in reaching the outdoor and family travellers in the Montreal and Ottawa markets.”

The CCT Travel Guide is also available at the Cornwall and the Counties Visitor Information Centre , designated CCT Visitor Information kiosks across Cornwall and SDG and select ONroute Centres, and can also be mailed to your home through the Request Brochures page.

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