Cornwall Tourism Development Fund

The Cornwall Tourism Development Fund (TDF) has been set up to support efforts to grow tourism activity in the City of Cornwall.

The TDF will seek to provide financial support to the following types of activities:

Event Support

The fund can provide sponsorship of major tourism events, up to a maximum of $20,000 per event.

Eligibility criteria include

• Events that bring regional, provincial, national or international exposure to Cornwall
• Events that attract people from outside the immediate Cornwall-SDG region
• Events that result in increased economic activity, such as overnight stays
• Events that are sustainable

Tourism Attraction Support

The fund can provide direct financial assistance to allow existing or new attractions to enhance services to tourists. This could include support for capital projects and/or service delivery.

Application Process

There will be continual intake of applications for the Fund.

Applications will be received by City staff and reviewed by a Review Committee who will make recommendations to a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will meet on a monthly basis to provide a final review of applications. If successful, the application will be approved and funds dispersed.

Source of Funds

The TDF consists of money collected annually by the City of Cornwall through the administration of the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT).

For additional information on the Municipal Accommodation Tax, please click here.

Administration of the Fund

The TDF will be administered by the Tourism Development Corporation of Cornwall, a not for profit corporation solely owned by the Corporation of the City of Cornwall. The TDCC will be governed by a Board of Directors, who will be responsible for expensing the Fund as per the Service Agreement between the City of Cornwall and the TDCC.