Tastes of the Town

Looking for something to eat? Cornwall is home to a wide variety of restaurants. From casual to fine dining, from local flavours to tastes from around the world, Cornwall has something for everyone.

Fine Dining

Cornwall offers some amazing dining experiences, with talented chefs creating dishes that tantalize the tastebuds. Whether your preference is steak, seafood or something off the beaten path, there will be something for you at Eight Zero Zero, ESCA, Schnitzels, Table 21, Truffles, Sheep’s Head Bistro, and Casa Paolo.

Tastes of the World

If you’re looking for a more exotic dining experience, we have many tastes of the world to offer. Greek, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian and Chinese cuisine are all well represented. Check out Thum’s Kitchen, Tiny Table, El Amigo Jalapeno, Panda Restaurant, Bangkok Noodle Soup & Grill, Tampico’s, Jack Lee’s, Philos, J & T, Au Vieux Duluth, CedarsShawarma on Wheels, Tandoor, or Seven Eight 6ix.


The old-fashioned diner approach to serving breakfast is alive and well in Cornwall. Dozens of restaurants serve up the traditional meal of bacon, eggs and homefries – along with just about any variation you can think of. There are many to choose from: Harv’s Diner, Sunnyside Up, Spinners Diner, Zorba’s, Mama Sue’s, Cora, Harvest, The Village Diner, Napoleon’s, Family Corner, Sip & Scoop, and Val & Paulie’s Diner.


Crisps salads, tasty soups and generous sandwiches lead the way on many lunch menus at local bistros. Find a fresh and unique meal at Simply Jennifer, The Mindful CookeryLove Love Food, Stomping Grounds, The Shack, Sub Bay, Riley’s Bakery, and Cakes & More.

Cornwall Pizza

Cornwallites take great pride in their pizza – and for good reason. The city is home to numerous pizzerias that serve up old-fashion pies sure to satisfy any appetite. Begin you runioque Cornwall pizza experience with a visit to Riverside, Olympic, Louis’ Pizzeria, North End, King George, Roma’s, or Cornwall BBQ.

Fast and Fantastic

If you’re looking for a quick meal we have you covered! In addition to chain restaurants on Brookdale Avenue, Second Street East and inside the Cornwall Square, Cornwall is home to num erous chip stands – another long-standing tradition in the area. Check out local favourites like Seguin Patate, Chef in a Bun, the Loose Caboose, Gaetan’s Chip Stand, and Rod’s Fry Shack. Or grab a ‘steamie’ – the Cornwall term for a steamed hot dog—at Billy K’s.


Sometimes, a night out means a cold drink and basket of chicken wings in a cozy pub setting.  If you’re looking for the pub lifestyle, make sure to check out the Jet Set Pub, Winner’s, Bill’s, The Glengarrian, Deke & Squeaks, La Maison Tavern, Lola’s Pub & Grub, The Brass Buckle, and Rurban Brewing.

Cool Down

It takes a while for the sun to set in the summer, which gives us all more time to enjoy a cool treat at any of the great ice cream parlours that dot the region. Check out Dairy Queen, Menchies, and Cowan’s Dairy.