Tastes of the Town

Looking for something to eat? Cornwall is home to a wide variety of restaurants. There is something for every taste and every budget!

Fine Dining

Cornwall and Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry offers some amazing dining experiences, with experienced chefs seeking to top each other by creating dishes that tantalize the taste buds. More often than not, chefs are using fresh meat and vegetables sourced locally. Whether your preference is steak, seafood or something off the beaten path, there will be something for you at Eight Zero Zero, ESCA, Schnitzels and Table 21 in Cornwall, Sheep’s Head Bistro is South Glengarry or the Georgian House in Alexandria.

Tastes of the World

If you are looking for a more exotic dining experience, we have the tastes of the world to offer. Greek, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican and Chinese cuisine are all well represented – offering authentic examples of cooking from the homeland. In Cornwall check out Thum’s Kitchen, Moon Restaurant, Moustache Joe’s, Tiny Table, Tampico’s, Ruby’s and more. In the Counties check out Yefsi in Iroquois, Sol de Acapulco in Ingleside and Sunshine in South Stormont.

Pub life

Sometimes a night out means a cold beverage and a basket of chicken wings in a cozy pub setting. It’s a place to catch the game and have a friendly conversation. Fortunately for travelers, the pub lifestyle is alive and well here, and local pubs can be found in just about every city, town, and village. During your rural ramblings drop into the Kilted Canuck in Maxville, Jack’s Pub in Williamstown or O’Neill’s Pub in Long Sault. While in the city, check out Chez Liz in Le Village, Shoeless Joe’s on Brookdale or the Jet Set pub at NAV Centre.


The old-fashioned diner approach to serving breakfast is alive and well in Cornwall and the Counties. Dozens of small restaurants devoted to the morning repast dot the landscape, offering the traditional meal of bacon, eggs, and homefries – along with just about any variation you can think of. You can upscale the experience at the new Cora’s restaurant in Cornwall and Nautica in Long Sault, and on the weekends Sunday brunch is a hit with families. Most of the breakfast diners close in the early afternoon, so don’t delay in grabbing a seat!

Coffee Shops

The day just doesn’t begin for many people until they have had their first coffee. Luckily for bean connoisseurs, there is always a coffee shop around the corner. Tim Hortons is a national favourite, while Starbucks has finally landed in Cornwall. Free trade and organic choices, including lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty coffees can be found at a number of small independent cafés such as Stomping Grounds in the Cotton Mill District, Mindful Cookery in Downtown Cornwall and Cup of Jo’s in Winchester.


Crisp salads, tasty soups, and generous sandwiches lead the way on many lunch menus at small bistros. Comfort food such as grilled cheese sandwiches and smoked meat are popular at places like the Quirky Carrot in Alexandria, the Sweet Tooth Bakery in Lancaster and Love Love Food in Cornwall, where the owner is also the creative genius in the kitchen.

Fast and Fantastic

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we just don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a leisurely meal. Fortunately, we have you covered.

Stopping by a chip stand is a long-standing tradition in the region. Nothing is tastier than freshly made French fries – complemented by a main of hot dogs, perch rolls or cheeseburgers. Steamies are hot dogs that are steamed to provide a soft and tasty treat, and each location has their own variation. Poutine, of course, can often be a meal on its own.

Check out local favourites such as Billy K’s, Chef in a Bun, the Loose Caboose and Seguin Patate in Cornwall, and Gaetan’s in Alexandria.

Cool Down

It takes a while for the sun to set in the summer, which gives us all more time to enjoy a cool treat at any of the great ice cream parlours that dot the region. Check out Dairy Queen in Cornwall and Lancaster, Menchies in Cornwall or Grama’s Ice Cream in Long Sault.