Battle of Crysler’s Farm Remembrance Service

Crysler's Farm Battlefield Crysler's Farm Battlefield, Ontario

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The Friends of the Crysler’s Farm Battlefield, a group of volunteers dedicated to preserving the memory of this important military action, invites the public to the annual remembrance service on November 11th at 9 am at the battlefield memorial adjacent to Upper Canada Village. 

This event is open to all re-enactors who wish to participate. We ask all re-enactors to assemble at 8:30 am at the foot of the memorial hill. Please bring your musket if applicable, no black powder required. We encourage you to attend the regular Remembrance Day service at Fort Wellington afterwards. 

Coffee and goodies available after the ceremony.

A time of remembrance for the brave men who fought and fell during the battle of Crysler’s Farm, November 11, 1813. 

Long before the eleventh of November became an international day of remembrance, it was a sombre anniversary for those in Eastern Ontario – and indeed Canada. On that day in 1813, British, Canadian and Indigenous Allies numbering 1200 defeated an invading American force of some 4,000 men on the muddy fields adjacent to John Crysler’s farm, near present-day Morrisburg.

Combined with a British victory at the Battle of Chateauguay two weeks earlier, Crysler’s Farm put an end to the campaign to attack Montreal by the largest concentration of American forces prior to the U.S. Civil War. It was by far the most important event locally in a war that eventually ushered in an era of peace that has lasted for 200 years.