The Beatles’ White Album 50th Anniversary Event

The Care Centre (510 Second Street East) Cornwall, Ontario

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On the 50th anniversary of the Canadian release of the White Album, researcher/author Piers Hemmingsen will deliver a very special presentation for the SD&G Historical Society and members of the public.

Piers will present an assessment of what took place in Canada to make the new double LP available to Beatles’ fans using purely analog means; no digital encoding of music whatsoever was employed in November 1968. At that time, processes were in place to have music replicated in the tens of thousands at Cornwall’s Compo record pressing plant. Thanks to the streamlined production approach and the efforts of plant workers, they made it possible to play and enjoy the new Beatles master-work on their record players at home within 24 to 48 hours of its release.

Uniquely for Canada, the official Apple release date of the album in 1968 was delayed by a number of factors; Hemmingsen’s presentation will address those in detail.

This 50th anniversary event will also include a component for former Cornwall Compo employees to offer Hemmingsen insights which may provide useful material in the creation of an entire chapter on the Cornwall record plant in an upcoming book The Beatles in Canada: The Evolution 1964-1970. Hemmingsen has also contributed the Canadian chapter to the new Bruce Spizer book The Beatles White Album & Launch of Apple. (Nov 22 2018). This new book was recently mentioned in the LA Times last week as being an excellent companion book for Apple’s newly remastered Beatles White Album release.

The event begins at 7 pm at the Care Centre (510 Second Street East).