Falling into Autumn

2500B Second St W Cornwall, Ontario

2019/09/21 Until 2019/09/21

Today’s event is Falling into Autumn and runs from 10:00am-2:00pm and is free!

This workshop will focus on what animals do in the fall to prepare for winter.  What animals hibernate?  What animals migrate?  Learn about bat hibernation, trees changing colours and migrating birds. For the third consecutive year there will be a Speaking of Wildlife show.  Speaking of Wildlife performs live shows with live animal ambassadors.  Two years ago the highlight was a wolf cub , last year a bobcat, I wonder what kind of surprise they will bring this year.

Discover science and nature with the Saunders Hydro Dam Visitor Centre from June to September. This community partnership with the River Institute delivers fun and informative sessions on a range of topics that appeal to all ages.

For more information, please contact Cristina Charette at 613-936-6620 ext 232