Cornwall Historic Walking Tour

Cornwall Historic Walking Tour

Cornwall embraces its proud heritage through 28 illustrated plaques that tell the story of our roots.

Each plaque features colourful illustrations of historic scenes from Cornwall’s past. Individually each plaque is impressive, yet together they form a tapestry that weaves throughout the City.

The plaques feature the artwork of renowned Cornwall artist Pierre Giroux, whose prowess with the paint brush makes the illustrations come to life. Local historian Lily Worrall completed much of the research that went into the illustrations.

The tour begins Lamoureux Park and features three separate walks that can be enjoyed together, or individually. Take a stroll along the Waterfront Walk, visit the historic Downtown Walk, and enjoy the culture of the Le Village Walk.

Waterfront Walk

  1. Lock 19 – Gleeson’s Lock
  2. New York Central Railway Bridge
  3. The Paper Mill
  4. Riverboats on the St. Lawrence
  5. The Founding of New Johnstown
  6. Hotel Dieu Hospital
  7. The Stormont Mill
  8. Cornwall Community Museum
  9. Augustus Street Swing Bridge
  10. Guarding the Cornwall Canal
  11. Stones from the Post Office

Downtown Walk

  1. The New York Café
  2. The Rossmore House
  3. The Cornwall Orphanage
  4. Cornwall Town Hall
  5. Capitol Theatre
  6. The Great Fire
  7. The King George Hotel
  8. Second and Third Streets
  9. Pitt and First Streets
  10. Cornwallis Hotel

Le Village Walk

  1. The Eastern Entrance to the Cornwall Canal
  2. Cornwall Dry Dock
  3. Race Street
  4. The Cotton Mills
  5. Royal Hotel
  6. Nativity Co-Cathedral
  7. The Fabric of Le Village

Map of the Tour

Click here to view and print a map of the tour:

Tour Facts

The Cornwall Historic Walking Tour is a partnership between Le Village BIA, Downtown BIA, Heart of the City and the City of Cornwall.

  • Distance: Approximately 6 km
  • Time to complete: 90 minutes
  • Plaque dimensions: 76 x 101cm
  • Plaque weight: 7 kg
  • Artist: Pierre Giroux
  • Research: Lily Worrall

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