Motorists can enjoy a nice leisurely drive along the St. Lawrence River by taking the Heritage Parkway. The Heritage Parkway, also know as Highway 2 or County Road 2, extends from Iroquois to the west, through Cornwall, and continues eastwardly to the Quebec border. As such it travels though such towns as Morrisburg, Ingleside, Long Sault, Glen Walter and Lancaster – connecting parks and campsites to restaurants and retailers.  In Cornwall, the Parkway is formed in part by Vincent Massey Drive, Brookdale Avenue, Water Street and Montreal Road.

The Heritage Parkway is signed with brown road signs that feature a canon and the words Promenade Heritage Parkway.

History of the Route

Once the primary east–west route across the southern portion of Ontario, Highway 2 was originally part of a series of identically numbered highways in multiple provinces which together joined Windsor, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1968, most travellers looking for faster travel times were diverted to the newly constructed Highway 401. In 1972, the Ontario and Quebec governments designated Route 2 from Windsor to Rivièredu-Loup as the Heritage Highway (Route des Pionniers). That historic designation is reflected in the local name – Heritage Parkway.

Locally, the Heritage Parkway is considered a more scenic route, perfect for day-trips and more leisurely travel.