Prehistoric World

Cornwall, ON – July 19, 2016For the past 35 years Paul Dupuis has welcomed visitors from near and far to share his passions for art and prehistoric animals in what is known as Prehistoric World. The combination of the two interests has in tCT_Stimpson_8909urn led to the small business with a big heart to touch the lives of the many people who have passed through their gates. Visitors are invited to travel back in time and marvel at what life was like before humans walked the earth. The forested 1 kilometer path filled with prehistoric animals is nothing short of impressive.

The common theme among visitors is family and tradition. As a long-standing business, children that had attended Prehistoric World years ago now bring their own children to share the magic that they had once experienced. This business survives on an intimacy that can only be achieved within small business, customer satisfaction takes precedent over profit. When speaking with the owner it`s easy to see how genuine and caring that he really is. Built entirely by the Dupuis clan, family values is embedded in the ground that Prehistoric World is built upon.

Located between the scenic Highway 2 and the 401, Prehistoric World is essentially a hidden gem in the small town of Morrisburg.  A first-timer’s expectations are somewhat underrated in comparison to the reality of the attraction. The magnitude of the experience can not be expressed through words but rather understood through experience.

Upon entering visitors will be introduced to a path which will take guests on an adventure to witness life size Mammothreplicas of dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals that had roamed the earth before humans had a chance to. With over 50 different dinosaurs both children and adults will be in awe of how realistic and detailed the exhibits are. These exhibits range from small primitive reptiles of the Paleozoic era to the immense dinosaurs of the Jurassic Cretaceous era, carnivore to herbivore and frightening to friendly but don’t worry even the scarier dinosaurs like the popular Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit have children smiling from ear to ear.

Along with the intricate displays each exhibit shares a part of each the animal’s history, detailing the various traits and biographical details that had encompassed each creature. These descriptions help educate visitors who not only want to see the immaculate figures but also learn about them. Located near the picnic area there is also a fossil pit which contains over 20 different fossils from the Prehistoric era. These features of Prehistoric World are enticing to the avid paleontologist and a key feature as to why Prehistoric World is as awesome as it is educational.

The Dupuis family has worked tirelessly and passionately to create a unique experience for visitors from all walks of life. Their hard work and dedication shows through the smiles that have been plastered upon the faces of all that pass through. If you haven’t been to Prehistoric World yet, what are you waiting for?

Prehistoric World is open daily May 26th until September 3rd from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Admission Prices

Adults- $10.00
Seniors- $8.00
Children 4 to 15- $6.00
Children under 4- FREE

Location: Upper Canada Road- Exit 758 from Highway 401, Morrisburg, ON, CAN K0C 1X0

For any additional inquiries, Prehistoric World can be reached at 613-543-2503

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