Superhuman Strength: QuestPTS Strongman/women

Cornwall, ON – August 14 2017 — Who’s the strongest of them all? Come show off your incredible strength on August 19th. For all fitness enthusiasts, you can watch or participate in an outdoor weight competition. Quest PTS is hosting a Strongman/Strongwoman competition outside of their facilities.  This event will be happening with rain or shine, and spectators are encouraged to bring chairs and coverage.

Spectators have free admission! Everyone is welcome to watch and support the strongmen and women of Cornwall.

The weigh in and registration is from 7:00 am to 8:20 am, the rules are announced at 8:30 am and then at 9:00am the show begins! There will be 4 events to showcase the competitors’ superhuman strength: Truck Pull, Atlas Stone, Press, and Kettlebell Throw. All of these will determine who will get the 1st place prizes: $500 for Men’s Heavyweight, $350 for Men’s Middleweight, $350 for Men’s Lightweight, $500 for Women’s Heavyweight, and $350 for Women’s Lightweight.

Weight Divisions


  • Lightweight: under 185lbs
  • Middleweight: 185.1 – 220lbs
  • Heavyweight: 220.1lbs and above


  • Lightweight: 175lbs and under
  • Heavyweight: 175.1lbs and above

This is going to be an epic competition, and it is surely not one to miss! Click here for more information on the event.

Location: 1020 Montreal Road

Time: 9:00 am (start of competition)

Date: Saturday, August 19th 2017

Prize money donated by: Dr. Navaneelan, Minimax Express, Love Love Food and Kensington Park.
Written by Sophie Poirier

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