The Pumpkin Patch Kids

Chris Hemond

Cornwall, ON – August 30, 2012So, yesterday I had the opportunity to head to Upper Canada Village and check out the production of the newest seasonal attraction the historic village will be putting on, and all I can say is, I can’t wait!

The event is called Pumpkinferno and it is truly a demonstration of the amazing creativity and artistic talents of the youth in our area. In a very cool, unique, (and top secret) process that combines technology, power tools and artistic ingenuity, a group of students from around the region are creating unbelievable pumpkin carvings in over 4,000 artificial pumpkins (obviously, there are issues with using real pumpkins for a month long event).

The polyurethane reproductions come in 14 sizes—from 3 feet tall to slightly larger than a softball—and all are cast from molds of real pumpkins. With so many sizes, irregular shapes, and spot-on colours, it wasn’t until I actually held one of the artificial pumpkins that I realized they weren’t real.

Believe it or not, these pumpkins are artificial and are but a sample of the many shapes and sizes used at Pumpkinferno

Don’t expect to see many traditional jack-o-lantern smiles at this fall event; these are some of the most creative designs and unbelievable creations I’ve ever seen! Multiple pumpkins (up to 200!) are combined to create enormous masterpieces that represent one of 28 themes that can be found throughout the walking tour. I was lucky enough to see a couple of these huge pieces on my tour, and I can tell you they are ridiculous!

The event will take place in a quarantined area of the historic Upper Canada Village and incorporate many of the aspects—buildings, creeks, trees, etc.—of the village. Visitors will walk through each of the 28 themed sections of the trail and marvel as the beautifully lit pumpkins illuminate the night.

Beyond the stunning creativity of these talented young people (all are either students, or recent graduates), what struck me was the passion and sheer enjoyment they had doing it. There is immense pressure and responsibility bestowed on these kids to create a brand new event meant to attract visitors from across the region and inject more life to the area this autumn, and they are more than willing to accept it!  They are adapting to difficulties that arise with creating these masterpieces; they are learning to work in unison towards a single goal; they are learning to deal with media; they are learning to mutli-task; in short, they are giving their resume an overhaul, but more importantly, they are having fun doing it!

Be sure to check out their website for more information:

These talented young people are responsible for the unbelievable pumpkin carvings on display at Pumpkinferno

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